Sunday 28 February 2016

Scouts - Circus Skills

Friday 26th February 2016 ... was Circus Skills night for our Sea Scouts.
With so much to do there wasn't enough time to catch breath between the activities and the laughter.

We had a unicycle, two different height stilts, diablos, plate spinning, juggling balls and face painting. As we started the session the Scouts quickly realised that none of the equipment is as easy as it looks and would require some concentration and practice.

Between falling off the stilts and unicycle and flying plates, diablos and juggling balls the laughter from the face painting was a joy to hear.

As the session moved on we found that practice makes almost prefect with scouts moving up and down the hall on stilts (some aided and some not), plates were spinning on sticks with some scouts have more than one on the go and diablos were flying in the air and landing back on their strings. However, more practice is needed with the juggling balls and unicycle with cheers when a Scout managed to take their hands off the walls on the unicycle.

The session closed with Cake... not a regular occurrence for our Sea Scouts but a more than welcome one given the hard work. But ... this was no shop brought cake... this was a cake baked by one of our scouts as part of their Personal Challenge Badge.
I think you will agree that this is a fantastic effort.

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