Sunday 20 March 2016

Scouts - Busy March

Wow... What a busy March !!

Friday 4th March - RYA Green Blue Night


As part of this 6 week course our scouts will look at the effects on the environment of putting different vehicles on our Waterways. They will also be looking into ways to preserve the environment and minimise the effects of using vehicles on the waterways. This was week 2 of their course and for this our Scouts identified possible effects of people using our waterways including pollution and risks to local wildlife. They created a series of bunting flags which we strung together to show not only the issues they had identified but also some solutions they had come up with to reduce the risk and help preserve the environment.

Friday 11th March - Bring a Friend Night

As part of our recruitment attempts we ran a Bring-a-Friend night where Scouts are able to bring their friends along free of charge to see exactly what 15th Gloucester Sea Scouts get up to. We had so much going on... to start with we gave a quick presentation of all the things we have been up to over the last two years including trips on RFA Argus at the Bournemouth Air Festival, Survival Camp, Sailing / Kayaking, Rock Climbing and so much more.
We ran several stations for Scouts and their friends to have a bit of fun. We had custom hand made survival bracelets, Knots, Face Painting, Circus Skill and an all round buzz of conversation all about Sea Scouts. As a result f the evening we have managed to encouraged some of their friends to join the Adventure and family of 15th Sea Scouts.

Friday 18th March - First Aid Night

For the last session of the term we looked at enhancing the First Aid Skills of our troop. With stations looking at Burns, Chocking, CPR and the Recovery position and Bandages. Our Scouts recalled previous training and life experiences as well as gaining further knowledge that may in the years to come help to save someone's life!

They particularly enjoyed playing with the neon plasters and bandages as we seemed to have a few mummy's appearing and several Scouts looked like they had been involved in a serious accident... judging by the number of neon plasters required to patch them up.

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